Why Website Maintenance?

Website design doesn’t end once it is live. To keep your site fresh, spam free and up to date with current technology, website maintenance is necessary. It will increase your visitors and keep your site success for ever.

We ensure that your site evolves according to latest internet technologies.

Website Maintenance includes:

Content Update/SEO

By adding or updating content and product details for your site regularly, we keep your website fresh so that customers visit frequently to check out what’s new. Your site’s position in search engine will be improved by adding most commonly searched keywords in your industry.

Code maintenance

We regularly update your site code to match with latest web technology so that your site displays in all browsers and operating systems without any problem.

Server Maintenance

We maintain your server free from Spam/Virus attack. We take back up of your site in regular interval and restore it when site is hacked by some one.

Internet Marketing

Online marketing and web promotion are important to increase visitors for your website. We do campaign and internet marketing regularly to give you better results.

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